Sport and Mountain

Sport and Mountain

You know, the age-old doubt between sea and mountains has always divided the various types of tourists.

So you know what? The answer that really makes everyone agree is Lake Garda!!

Our piece of paradise has a lot to offer: in addition to the beaches (click on the dedicated section), beautiful villages and excellent ice cream, Lake Garda is located in a strategic position: A few minutes drive you can reach the mountains and enjoy a little 'cool, without, for this, give up a nice swim in the lake on your return!

The other obvious resource is the lake itself. All this allows me to satisfy even my "sports" guests.

So, here are some experiences that I recommend.

Sup and Kayak

We start from the lake and surroundings:

The stand up paddle (SUP) is a kind of surfboard on which you stand and advance with the help of a paddle. This sport has had a considerable growth in recent years and is really fun!

Kayaking, on the other hand, is a type of canoe that is characterized by the fact that it is used with a double paddle. I recommend it if your intention is to take a tour a little longer: you can use the kayak for short excursions and get under the Scaliger Castle.

My reference beach, where you can rent equipment, is the beach at the beach Galeazzi: I leave you below all the references to inform you and/ or book:

☎️ Demis at +39 3498499261 // Daniel at +39 3384424556

Padel and Tennis

In the area we really do not miss anything: you can reach the nearest field from Padel in less than 10 minutes by car from our beb (📍Via Olivetti,94 - Desenzano del Garda). The property is brand new and the fun is guaranteed. I leave you all the details to book/ inform you: 🎾 3 indoor courts 📱App PLaytomic ☎️ 340 0022154 ✉️ bookings As for tennis, 600 m from our beb (Via Salvemini 28, Sirmione) there is a beautiful tennis club where you can rent a court and play tennis. Here are the contacts:

☎️ 393 065 5482

[email protected]

Golf Club

The Chervò Golf Club San Vigilio, 8 km from our beb, 10 minutes by car (Loc. San Vigilio, 1 - 25010 Pozzolengo), is a beautiful club that boasts 36 holes, including 9 executive and 27 championship divided into three courses Benaco, Solferino and San Martino. Here are all the references that might be useful if you are interested: ☎️ +39 030 91801

[email protected]

Talk about your hotel

All right, let’s move on to the mountain. Lake Garda is in a very strategic position: are you tired of being on the beach, the day is not the best or simply, do you prefer to alternate things?

This is really the right place because in a few minutes drive you can reach the nearest mountains, enjoy a bit of coolness and dedicate yourself to wonderful lake view trekking.

I leave you some experiences that I tried personally, but there are so many alternatives!  

Monte Pizzocolo

The starting point is the village of San Michele (36km from the beb Villa Bremen). This is a trek of about 12 km, for a difference in altitude of about 400 m. In fact there are two paths, one for expert hikers and one simpler; we did the outgoing one for experienced hikers (affordable, but consider that there will be a bit of climbing in some stretches) and return the normal path, thus creating a loop path.

We made a stop at the Pirlo Refuge, which I recommend because really nice and very nice owners. The view from the top is truly breathtaking, the walk is within everyone’s reach and the fun is guaranteed.

Cima Comer

Even this Top is not less than landscape. Indeed, it has a viewpoint overlooking the entire Lake Garda (super "instagrammabile"!).

The starting point is Sasso (51 km from beb Villa Bremen). Also this walk offers the possibility of becoming a loop path, making the path for experienced hikers.

The total kilometers are about 12, with a height difference of 874 m, counting also the short but deserving detour to reach the Hermitage of San Valentino.

The view from the top is truly unique, one of the best I’ve encountered in my very modest trekker experience. 


This is a path certainly more distant, because its starting point is located in Torbole, about 83 km (1 h drive from beb Villa Bremen), but deserves to be included among the proposals that I present for the following reasons. First of all, it is an hour’s drive that allows you to reach the northern tip of our beloved lake.

Why not go for a walk and then end the day with a nice ice cream in Riva del Garda?

So you can say that you have visited Lake Garda really from all points of view! In addition, the walk is about 10 km and is suitable for everyone. It is characterized by the presence of two steps overlooking the lake: the view it offers is priceless and unmatched.

If I haven’t convinced you, I’ll let the photos talk.

Monte Baldo

Monte Baldo remains my favorite place to escape even half a day. We are talking about a mountain, therefore, the paths and walks it offers are really many: you can choose the one that best suits your preferences! In this space I will just mention that, from our beb, the ways that I recommend to reach the ridge of the mountain are:

- The Malcesine cable car (63 km): reaching this pretty lake town (about 1 h and 15 minutes by car) you can take the cable car that in a few minutes will get you from the lake to the mountain. The experience is very nice and I also recommend it as an opportunity to visit the Veronese coast of our lake.

- Spiazzi (47km): this is the fastest route, in 45 minutes by car from our beb you will reach the town of Spiazzi, where you can leave your car and access one of the many Trekking starting from the area. In addition, you can not miss a visit to the Shrine of Our Lady of the Crown. It is a small church built right inside the mountain: it is something spectacular.

Where to stop and enjoy the beautiful view and the deserved rest? My reference shelters are: Rifugio Chierego and/or Fiori del Baldo (5 minutes away from each other) and Rifugio Telegrafo.

I spent a lot of words, I leave the photos, which surely will explain better why I really recommend this experience.