Welcome to Sirmione

Dear guests, welcome to the "Pearl of the Lake", the city that I am lucky enough to call home.

In this space you can find ideas for your activities in Sirmione and surroundings.

First, let’s introduce ourselves: my name is Camilla and I am the owner of the beb Villa Bremen. I’m selling myself for sirmionese, but I actually only got here when I was 11. Before I lived in a small village in Mantua, on the banks of the Po', surrounded by miles of fields, fog and little else.

That village remains in my heart and initially it was not easy to leave everyone and move to Sirmione. What helped me? slowly, the sun, the lake, the ducks, the beautiful people who live there have definitely made me change my mind. As an "immigrant" I can boast of the awareness and deep gratitude of living in a place where you normally come on holiday and I will try to give you some advice, through my personal point of view.

Sirmione and Lake Garda, in fact, offer many opportunities!

You can visit the Terme di Sirmione, enjoy the beaches and the life of the lake, have fun in the various parks just a few minutes away, or visit the nearest cities and their wonders. My more sporty guests will be spoiled for choice between lake, bike tours and mountains. I also leave you some advice on what and where to eat. It’s really an honor to be able to host you at my house: I hope it’s an unforgettable holiday! 😊