Where to eat

Where to eat

This is the question that a very high percentage of my guests ask me when they arrive. And also rightly, I would add: let’s face it, in Italy to eat badly you really have to commit... However, the holiday is one and deserves to be special from all points of view, also and especially the culinary. So here we are at the moment of my advice, which comes from my very personal experience: I will simply tell you where I go when I go out. That said, I have not yet tried all the locals in the area, so: experiment for me and let me know where you enjoyed it, I will be happy to share the beautiful experiences! Let yourself be followed by the general rule that applies to all places characterized by strong tourist flows: do not enter where they invite you to do so...

We start with the restaurants outside the historic center of Sirmione, which boast the possibility of being easily reached on foot without having to walk too much or bother the car:


Distance from beb Villa Bremen: 1.0 km (10 minutes walk and 4 by car). This is my absolute favorite restaurant outside the historic center of Sirmione.

This restaurant perfectly combines the quality of food with the moderation of the final price and has a beautiful terrace from which you can enjoy the lake view.

In addition, little tip: when you go out with a full belly, from the entrance of the restaurant a nice lakeside walk starts that offers the opportunity to take a walk in a beautiful setting and help digestion.

Second little tip: I know we are at the lake, the fish is good etc... but their pizza is something really special! I leave you all the contacts you need to take a look and book:

☎️ +39 030 9906191

N.B. Closed on Tuesdays

https://www.instagram.com/sanvito_sirmione/? igshid=1sfamdh1vvr2q

Distance from beb Villa Bremen: 1.0 km (10 minutes walk and 4 by car). This is my advice for lovers of oriental, Chinese and Japanese cuisine.

Lakhu is, in fact, my reference restaurant for when I want to eat good sushi, but it also offers a lot of variety of Chinese dishes and much more. You know, raw fish is as good as dangerous, it should be eaten in places where you can be sure of the freshness of the raw material and when you leave your area is not always easy to find your way around.

So, I bring back my experience more than positive with this place: it offers not only fresh fish, but also excellent quality. Of course, it will not be the typical dish of Sirmione, but when the desire comes, it must be indulged!

And then, why not? Maybe you can take your take-away meal and enjoy it by the lake! I leave you all the contacts you need to take a look and book:

☎️ +39 030 9906303



2 km away from our beb is the Migross supermarket, where you can stock up for any need. Inside there is also this lovely place that offers the opportunity to live a new experience, in a cozy space where you can enjoy a pleasant break from breakfast to aperitif.

Every day you can always enjoy different lunches: there is in fact a menu of daily proposals to discover all the flavors of the season.

In short, it is suitable for all coffee lovers and lovers of take-away lunches, given the offer of a convenient takeaway service for fast and rich breakfasts, as well as for tasty and practical meals.

Tip: do not miss the upper floor, where you can enjoy aperitifs and dishes of your choice while also enjoying the relaxing view of the lake.


However, you are in Sirmione, so at least a meal in the charming old town you can not miss it, here is where:


Distance from beb Villa Bremen: 3.3 km (40 minutes walk and 10 by car). This restaurant is located in the historic center of Sirmione, in the center of the main Piazza Carducci. Also this place, thanks to the love and attention to the raw material is one of the best you can try in Sirmione. It offers a varied menu, able to satisfy everyone, with an excellent value for money.

I leave you all the contacts you need to take a look and book:

☎️ 030 916287


Distance from beb Villa Bremen: 3.4 km (41 minutes on foot and 10 by car) I leave you another great alternative for your lunch/ dinner in the historic center in Sirmione. La Fiasca is a nice restaurant nestled in the picturesque streets of our beloved village.

The attention to detail, the care of the dishes and the variety of the menu, combined with the refinement of the raw material are the strong points of this restaurant where I have always eaten divinely.

I’ll tell you: La Fiasca is the favorite place of my grandmother and her now 90 year old sister: this review of two true "raszdore" says it all. I leave you all the contacts you need to take a look and book:

☎️ 030.9906111


To conclude, I’d like to leave you with a few last tips that might come in handy. Options outside the old town:


Distance from beb Villa Bremen: 280 m (3 minutes walk). Our beb is very close to the beach Bremen. Here you can find this little bar perfect for a quick lunch or an aperitif at sunset. My advice: try the spritz!

They are really very generous with doses and, do not forget... we call it "Pirlo"!


Distance from beb Villa Bremen: 850 m (8 minutes walk). This place, in the center of Colombare, is great both to take a delicious ice cream, or to stop for a coffee break or aperitif.


Distance from beb Villa Bremen: 750 m (8 minutes walk). This oven offers bread, sweets, pizzas, focaccia, pizzas, pies and don’t let me go on. Everything I tried is delicious. I recommend it for a quick lunch or to stock up in case you want to make a pick nick.


Distance from beb Villa Bremen: 800 m (8 minutes walk). In the center of Colombare, you can sit and enjoy an excellent ice cream.


Distance from beb Villa Bremen: 700 m (7 minutes walk) This place is suitable for both an aperitif and a drink after dinner cocktail.


Distance from beb Villa Bremen: 2.2 km (20 minutes walk, 5 by car) Also this place, fresh of renovation and all new, is suitable for both the aperitif to drink a good cocktail after dinner.

Options within the Old Town:


This bar is my fixed stop in Sirmione: what a show! In a country like ours, where tourists are not lacking, you can do good and do bad: the number of customers the next day will be the same. It is clear that this can be disincentive to doing well. Well, this is one of those places where you forget about the economy and you go for quality. You can stop for a simple coffee, or for an aperitif or a post dinner: there is so much choice and will satisfy all your needs. My advice: it lends itself very well for a nice brunch or an aperi-dinner!


Last but not least... this place is really nice. It offers a wide range of options: you can eat a great burger, pizza and focaccia or try their amazing salads. All by the lake.

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