Lakeside promenade and sports

Lakeside promenade

I dedicate this space for advice to my guests who love walking or sports. The area of the lower Garda offers many beautiful experiences, of different intensity and therefore, suitable for everyone. So let’s start from our wonderful LAKEFRONT, the alternatives that I propose are the following, remember that the indicated length is calculated from our beb and includes both the outward and return, but no one forces you to complete the entire route!

Brema Beach Promenade - 2 km

This is a short walk suitable for everyone and a short walk from our property. Enjoy it: especially in the early morning and at sunset it offers its best.

Walk to Lido Galeazzi - 5 km

This walk will take you along the Port of Sirmione, crossing the San Vito Park; you will find yourself in another pretty beach of Sirmione. If you feel like it, you can continue your walk and follow it to the end: the route stretches for about 2 km going and coming back.

Sirmione Promenade - 5 km

This is the path that I recommend you to do to get to the old town: skirting the port, passing by the San Vito Park, taking some pictures of the views that are presented to you, you will arrive at the Scaliger Castle without even noticing.

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Punta Grò promenade - 3 km

This walk is a little further from our beb, for this reason, I recommend you move by car and park near the Church of Lugana. However, if you are trained, you can also reach the starting point on foot: it is about 2.5 km away, so consider that in total your walk will lengthen by 5 km. 

Walk to Desenzano - 12 km

This is certainly the most challenging walk, in fact only to get to the center of Desenzano the route is 6 km. However, I’ll tell you a little trick: you can think of only going and return to Sirmione by boat or bus. So you will combine business with pleasure 😊

Limone sul Garda - 4 km

These are just the closest walks: moving by car you will find the opportunity to take a walk along our beloved lake in virtually any lakeside town. Deserves a special mention the walk, recently made, in Limone sul Garda: it is a cycle-pedestrian track of about 4 km (round trip) that offers a truly breathtaking view.