Sirmione Thermal Baths

Be honest... you’ve seen the Sirmione water commercial on TV at least once, right?

Well, the thermal spring that rises a few meters from our beloved peninsula is certainly one of the elements that contribute to make it famous and attractive.

Apparently, in August 1889, a Venetian, Procopius diving discovered that, at a depth of 20 meters, there was "the water boiling". From this the thermal water source takes its name: "Boiola spring".

In fact, it is known the presence in Sirmione of a source of thermal water since the Renaissance. So much so that even the horses of the Napoleonic troops have enjoyed the benefits. More recently, studies have been carried out on the properties of thermal water and real types of inhalation medical treatment have been created. On the basis of all this, in Colombare di Sirmione, you can find the structure of the "Baths of Virgil", where all the treatments provided by thermal medicine (Department of Rehabilitation, Physiotherapy and Osteopathy, the Nutrition and Dermatology Service, Department of Gynecology, Angiology and Gastroenterology).

In the establishment located in Sirmione old town, however, is Aquaria, dedicated to complete relaxation. It is not often that you can visit a SPA where the water is not simply heated but actually originates from underground. For this reason alone, the spa of Sirmione is worth a visit. To this must be added that Aquaria is located right on the shores of the lake and thanks to the context in which it is located, it offers a unique experience that combines relaxation, the benefits of water and a unique location. If I were Alessandro Borghese I would say that it is worth at least "diesci". Have I convinced you? I had no doubt, and then here’s how you can get there: from our beb the Terme di Virgilio complex is 1.7 km away, which means 4 minutes by car and 15 on foot.As for Aquaria, however, the distance is 3.6 km. The alternatives to reach the spa are many:

- If you prefer the car: remember that from Castello Scaligero onwards there is a ZTL that makes the historic centre a pedestrian zone. Therefore, I advise you to park in the parking lot "Montebaldo" (the one with the bar to be clear), affiliated with the spa (you are entitled to a discount, be present at the checkout!) and from there you walk the last kilometer on foot (10/15 minutes walk).

- If you are fearless, you can walk to the spa: the walk is very nice (go to the "lakeside" section that I took some pictures of you). The total kilometers are 3.6, in 40 minutes you will reach the spa and you will have earned all the relaxation that will come.

- There is a third alternative: the Shuttle Bus. During the summer season the town of Sirmione offers the convenient shuttle service. More buses per hour connect the center of Colombare with Sirmione and, at a cost of 1.50 € per person, you can reach in 10 minutes the Castle of Sirmione. From there, you remain the last kilometer on foot (10/15 minute walk). Finally I leave you clicking here you can take a look and/ or book: Have a good time! 😊